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Meet The Male Hug team. We are a group of dedicated, passionate volunteers who want to improve the lives of men’s mental health.

We come from from various professional backgrounds with even more diverse life experiences and heritage. We have a common vision though – that men’s lives can be better through talking. Real men. Real conversations.

Tony Raba

Tony Rabah, CEO and Founder

Tony has a long and established career as an Accountant & Business Advisor. He holds a Bachelor of Business, Accounting from Victoria University and is also a registered tax agent and member of the IPA. Through this, he has advised a range of organisations across various industries and sectors. As a trusted advisor, many of Tony’s clients have also turned to him for personal advice and his boardroom has always been a safe and friendly space for a chat. Tony used his vast experience helping others both financially and personally to conceptualise and found The Male Hug. By doing so realising his passion to provide a safe, non judgemental platform for all men in need.

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Tony Schibeci, Director Media & Communications

Tony has been involved in Media for over 30 years. He is synonymous throughout his time having called commentary for local VFL to the 2012 Summer Olympics on radio and is known as a the voice of the MCG covering Test Cricket and AFL Grand Finals.

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Dr Mark Pizzacalla, Board Member

Mark is a leading Australian tax and business speaker and advisor. As a member of Australia’s Board of Taxation he provides advice for Federal policy. Mark’s experience in business tax and revenue finance is a key asset to the governance of The Male Hug.

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David May, Director of Programs

As an ex-pat who moved to Melbourne in the early 2000s, David has worked in banking prior to recruitment and executive placement. A keen sports fan of the round ball, oval ball and bat n ball, David is a deep thinker, wordsmith and key contributor to The Male Hug’s messaging.

I got involved with the Male Hug because: I saw first hand through my personal and professional life that there are currently more demands put on men than in any previous era. The rules, roles and expectations have changed so much that many men I know struggle to cope with this and I know that talking and sharing will help. 

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Colin Robinson, Director & Company Secretary

The foundations of Colin’s career have been in banking and funds management, emerging with national and senior leadership roles across financial structuring, with a particular focus on property development funding structures. Educationally, Colin has a Bachelor of Economics, holds a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment, is a Graduate of the AICD and holds a Graduate Diploma in Finance Mortgage and Broking.

I got involved with The Male Hug because I have seen many circumstances when professional men have had real personal and professional issues to deal with, but to a degree feel maligned or of less worth if they expressed their personal feelings.  Tony Rabah approached me to join The Male Hug and the opportunity to contribute to this cause resonated strongly, and I’m thrilled to play a part in this incredible cause.  If we can share a problem, we can in turn halve a problem!!

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Jeff Shenker

Jeff Shenker, Board Member

Jeff has been involved in the Australian Television & Entertainment Industry for over 40 Years. He has been involved in all forms of Production, from Live Sport to Live Entertainment, from Drama to Documentaries, and from Comedy to Corporate Videos. More recently, he has had the opportunity to be involved in the production of major events for the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi.

Jeff has undertaken a number of important roles over his career, including Producer, Project Manager, Production Manager, and others. Jeff has worked for all of the major Australian Television Networks (Nine Network, Network Ten, Seven Network, ABC, FOX Sports) and with all of the major Australian Production companies.

From the largest of international projects to the smallest of productions, he is very experienced in developing client relationships, creating concepts for new clients, and successfully planning, executing and delivering projects to the highest standard.

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Wayne Psaila

Wayne Psaila, Board Member

Wayne has enjoyed a diverse and successful career within the creative and digital industry for the past 30 years. Having worked with many global brands, Wayne is focused on giving back to the community and making a difference in the lives of others. Drawing on his own experience with life’s challenges, he is very dedicated to positive men’s mental health. He is loyal family man and devout, active Chair of his local Catholic Parish. Wayne is also a (very) keen Liverpool FC fan and has been instrumental in working with the club and local supporter groups for over 25 years.

I got involved with The Male Hug because there is a genuine mental health crisis within the Australian male community and unfortunately it doesn’t get the support or attention it needs. Too many men are taking their lives on a daily basis. I genuinely think what we are trying to achieve – create awareness and getting guys to talk and share – is a massive step forward.

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