Business leaders – Surviving the Pandemic

This is a once-in-a-generation health disaster that has rapidly turned into an economic crisis. Every Victorian has been affected and none more than the leaders of business. 

It can be lonely at top so have a read of this quick guide which will help you help yourself. 

Look after yourself – The first thing you should do to ensure that you can continue to help your business and others is look after yourself. This is counter intuitive as many leaders look after others before themselves but it is crucial to maintain your personal wellbeing.

Remain positive – There is enough doom and gloom in the media, resist the temptation to join in, force yourself to be ‘glass half full’.

Connect – Speak to your peers, speak to your mates, speak to your partner. Don’t shut off, by simply talking to people you will feel better. 

Remain physically healthy – Take your 60 minutes a day outside to exercise. Get to bed at a reasonable time. Drink more water than wine. Staying physically sharp helps your mind stay focused. 

Get comfortable not having answers –  Your staff will be looking at you for certainty about their future and that of the business, and there will be questions you can’t answer. That is OK. As a leader you should not feel the need to have all the answers; right now uncertainty is OK. 

Don’t take on everyone’s problems. As a leader you may be a focal point for others. It is human nature to crave certainty and comfort so your team may come to you with their personal and professional problems. Whilst talking and listening is the right thing to do, don’t feel that you should have all the answers. 

Engage with your business community – Speak to your suppliers, speak to your Accountant or the ATO, speak with your landlord. Just by speaking to these people you will be confronting some of your problems and fears, and you might be pleasantly surprised by what help is available. 

Above all else, do not shut off, do not isolate yourself. Engage, connect and keep focused on a brighter future.

Do you need someone to talk to?

We have a team of buddies who have great business experience and are ready to listen to you. They are safe, trusted, non judgemental and confidential too. If you would like to talk to one please get in touch.