Helping you help yourself. Part 1

Tips for Lockdown.

According the leading health experts  between 30-50% of the Victorian population will have their mental health impacted by the lockdown. This is probably conservative.

Well done to the State and Federal government for diverting more resources and funding to mental health. However these programs take time to kick in and many are aimed at people in crisis. The good news is there is much you can do right now to help yourself, at no cost. 

We want to share these tips to help you help yourself. The happiest people don’t have the best of everything. They happiest people make the best of everything. 

The Basics

Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you feel challenged and stressed, do not despair, you are not alone, there is nothing wrong with you or how you feel  many of us feel this way. It`s OK, it`s normal and with time and good self care this feeling will pass.

Have a good sleep routine. Over half of Victorians have reported their sleep patterns have changed. You may not sleep through but make a  good start by going to bed at a reasonable time.

Take your 60 minutes of fresh air. Even if it`s just walking round the block a few times getting fresh air and movement has enormous benefits to mind and body. 

Create a plan for each day. It may be as simple as setting times for meals, fresh air breaks and a reminder to phone mum.

Stay connected. Talk to someone, call a friend just to say hi, ask them how they are doing. It may make their day.  If you don’t feel like talking to anyone you know head over to our Lets Chat program

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