Talk at the track focuses on workplace wellbeing

What an excellent and informative inaugural Talk at the Track breakfast we hosted last Thursday. We want to thank all our wonderful speakers, ambassadors and partners who made the morning such a great one.

It was very heartening to see so many present to hear about the importance of workplace wellbeing and mental health.

A special thank you to our wonderful speakers and ambassadors, Margo Lydon, Andrew Conway, David Hodgett, Tim Mannah, Kevin Sheedy, Marjorie Jerrard, Michael Shafar and Peter Hitchener. We know our guests were both informed and entertained by all who spoke. We love their passion for creating awareness and education around men’s mental health.

We want to thank our incredible partners at the Institute of Public Accountants, Lending Association, Monash University, Conscious Conversations, Shaw and Partners and BDO for their fantastic support of Talk at the Track and men’s mental health. These organisations are prioritising the mental health of their employees, and we’re super proud to have them with us on The Male Hug’s journey.

A big thank you to our gracious hosts at Carousel and also our hard working team of volunteers at The Male Hug who put in countless hours behind the scenes to make this all possible.

Stay tuned as The Male Hug will be hosting further events in the coming months leading up to our flagship campaign, #Talktober in October.

Lastly a very big thank you once again to all who attended Talk at the Track, for supporting The Male Hug and positive men’s mental health.