Take the Talktober Challenge

Throughout the month of October, men will be encouraged to talk to a family member or friend about how they are doing. Men from all walks in life in Australia will be involved from well known celebrities to someone you may know who lives on your street.

Take the Talktober challenge and call a buddy every day for the month of Talktober. Partners and friends can participate as well by supporting someone talking the challenge too.


CEO and Founder Tony Rabah believes Talktober is just the thing that the professional world needs at the moment.  “ So many professional men are doing it so tough at the moment with the Pandemic hitting the business world hard.  So many have lost their jobs, closed their doors or are just struggling through on a day to day basis unsure of where the next customer is coming from.  This is the time that Men need to speak out.  Don’t hold your feelings or emotions back, because the damage that can be done from that could be immense. If someone out there needs someone to talk to, The Male Hug can help with our Let’s Chat Buddy Program”

A host of Australia’s sporting, entertainment and business community has thrown its support behind the Talktober Campaign with music Legends Daryl Braithwaite and Ross Wilson, Sporting legends Matthew Richardson, Alan Davison and Doug Hawkins joining Media Personalities Sam Newman, Tom Elliott and George Kapinaris as just a few of the big names to commit to talking to a buddy every day for the month of Talktober.

Don’t think about it. Just talk about it.

Talking is important. Talking helps. Talk the Talk. Let’s chat this Talktober.


Take the Talktober Challenge.
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