The Power of Talking: Part 2

Who to talk to and reason to talk

Someone Close 

Everyone should have someone they can share their thoughts, concerns, hopes and dreams with, someone that will let you talk and listen with empathy and without judgement. Some of us are lucky enough to be married to that person, for some it is a parent or a best friend. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to this person about a particular issue there is always the Male Hug and the Let’s Chat program.

Reacquaint with someone

Now is the perfect time to reacquaint with an old friend or family member you’ve not spoken to in years.

Most of us have the gift of time, not something many can normally say. So while you have time and space, now is the perfect time to call someone you’ve not spoken to in a long time reconnect with an old friend from school or colleague that you have not spoken to in years. Why, why not?

  • Call your old mate from the footy team, see how they are getting on.
  • Call your ex teammate from work, see how they are doing in lock down. 
  • Ring your old neighbour that moved to the country 5 years ago

Build a Bridge with someone

“Sorry can be the hardest word to say”

Fallen out with a sibling over money? Not seen your best mate since he made a pass at your wife? Life is too short to let anger fester. Reach out to a family member or friend that you have had a falling out with. Holding onto anger and resentment is not healthy, subconsciously it can weigh on you. By taking the step to talk to someone that “you don’t talk to anymore” can be a really positive experience. 

  • Call the brother that ripped you off.
  • Call your third uncle in Perth that you haven’t spoken to since you had an argument during the 2011 Grand Final.
  • Call your daughter that you haven’t spoken too much since she went vegan

Talk to a Buddy

If you don’t have anyone else to speak to we are here. It does not have to be about a problem, you might just be lonely. Chat with us, the Let’s Chat buddy program gives men the chance to connect and talk to someone that will be a great listener.

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