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Who are The Male Hug

The Male Hug is an initiative that seeks to raise the awareness of men’s mental health, and promote the open dialogue of this often sensitive issue. Mental health is an issue that is becoming more prevalent, but continues to find degrees of negative stigma associated with it, particularly amongst men. We seek to tackle the stigma associated with men’s mental health as it looks to take its place as a support service for men. Providing support & encouraging men to talk in a safe and friendly environment that is free of judgement.

The Male Hug founder is Tony Rabah, an Accountant, Business advisor and member of the IPA from Melbourne Australia. His service to his clients for over 25 years has given Tony an insight into not only their financial matters but also into their personal lives and the mental consequences of financial hardship. Over the years many of Tony’s clients have turned to him for not only financial advice but solace in the face of mental struggles.

One of the greatest challenges of men’s mental health is their inability to talk openly about such personal issues for fear of shame or sense of less worth. As an illness that is widespread but still in the shadows, Tony believed he should do something about it. Tony’s initiative calls for men to gather in a safe and friendly environment to talk openly without judgement on mental health issues. This safe and friendly environment seeks to create a timeout space for men to relax and open up about issues of mental health without fear of reprisal or judgement.

It is on the back of the above that desire to do something was not only a goal of Tony’s but more generally a necessity hence The Male Hug was formed.

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Our Vision

The vision of The Male Hug is to become one of Australia’s prominent advocacy groups for men’s mental health issues.

We seek to eliminate the scourge of men’s mental health issues in Australia by promoting a safe and friendly environment for men to share problems – a problem shared is a problem halved.

Our Objectives

The Male Hug’s objectives include:

  • Improve the mental wellbeing of professional males.
  • Reduce the negative stigma associated with men’s mental health.
  • Encourage open communication
  • Raise funds for various activities; i.e. our Let’s Chat Program for males to speak openly one-on-one with one of our mentors.
  • Provide regular forums for men to talk openly about mental health in a safe and friendly environment that is free from judgement.

Our Values

The values The Male Hug wishes to espouse are;

Fairness – to cultivate an environment free from judgement

Respect – everyone is respected within TMH environment. We encourage men to speak about what is on their mind.

Fun – we promote fun times for professional men to take “time out”

We are The Male Hug

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“You are not alone.”