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I need someone to talk to. Let's chat. Talking helps.

Overwhelmed? Anxious? Stressed? It’s OK not to be OK.

I need someone to talk to. Let’s chat. Talking helps. Our team of dedicated and trustworthy Let’s Chat buddies are here to listen and help.

Everyone struggles at times and the first and best thing to do is to talk to someone about it. So Let’s chat. Click on the button below and The Male Hug we’ll find you a buddy who can help.

I want to speak to a Buddy

Let’s Chat. Talking helps.

At The Male Hug, our aim has always been to tackle the stigma associated with men’s mental health and talking is a key way to help with feelings of loneliness, anxiety and being overwhelmed.

Why now?

We know It’s OK not to be OK, and particularly now with increasing levels of anxiety, and the uncertainty caused by the Coronavirus, the economic and social repercussions we are experiencing in lockdown is causing a lot of issues.

The world is a strange place to live right now. Millions of people around the world are not feeling OK, and not feeling OK is a perfectly rational response to these uncertain times. The human race is grieving on mass scale. Financial pressures, worries and concerns for our loved ones, and the massive interruption to our rhythms of life has caused heightened levels of stress and anxiety. Take comfort that you are not alone, the world is with you and we are happy to listen if you’re ready to talk.

You're not alone

“It’s okay not to feel okay. When we reach out and talk about our mental health, we are taking the first step toward recovery. When we talk to someone who listens, we enter a place where we are no longer alone.” – Meredith Dalton – Lifeline

The Male Hug prides itself in providing a non-judgemental and safe talking space, and we know that has never been more important. While restrictions of social gatherings make some of our physical gatherings impossible, we are proud to launch the Let’s Chat service.

Let’s Chat is a service where anyone can be connected to talk to another man in a discreet, non judgmental and safe environment. Whether you feel overwhelmed by an uncertain future or are just feeling a little lonely and isolated we are here to listen and talk.

Why Chat?

It is well known that males are not good at communicating our feelings and talking.

Humans are inherently social animals, who are made happier and healthier when connected to others. Feeling isolated and lonely, in contrast, is a stress factor that poses significant physical and mental health risks.

We at The Male Hug know that talking helps, a problem shared really is a problem halved. Chatting to someone will help you feel less alone, less unusual. It is also true that talking to a stranger can be easier than talking to a close friend or loved one. The fact we are discreet and anonymous means you can share things with us you may not feel comfortable sharing with others. We will listen, we won’t judge.

The healthy Importance of talking

According to the team of Clinical Psychologists at Blokes Psychology “Regardless of what stage of life an individual is at, they’re bound to experience a range of issues, crises and challenges. The most important thing to remember is that you’re not alone. Sadly too many men in particular, do not seek support or reach out for help and try to deal with the problem on their own.”

In conversation with Dr Aidan Burrell (Dr Aidan Burrell is the head of the ICU unit at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne ) he explained that it is often difficult for men to talk to close family and friends about their problems as “men have a fear of being seen as weak or vulnerable”. “Typically men have a stoic approach to life which can be a great strength. The man is seen as the bedrock of a family and has responsibility to provide.”

Being seen as vulnerable is not in keeping with this image, therefore men tend to bottle things up and bottling things up can have serious health implications. The physical consequences of holding onto stress and anxiety can be very serious including; heart disease, high blood pressure and some cancers.

This is further evidenced by leading US Psychologist  Marian Margulies “When people do not express feelings but swallow them and keep them buried and out of conscious awareness, one’s body often reacts. It acts as a barometer that reads: danger! Something is amiss and needs attention. Somatising via stomach aches, headaches, sleeping problems, and ulcers are just some of the ways our body reacts to stress and psychic pain.”

Benefits of talking

  • Talking can help sort through your own thoughts, saying things out loud brings both order and perspective.
  • When your thoughts are sorted you feel more prepared and organised.
  • Talking helps gain insight, allows you to hear ideas and perspectives from others.
  • There is truth in the phrase “lifted a weight from my shoulders” talking can often bring a physical feeling of release.

Who to talk to?

We suggest talking to family and friends first up, as these people are emotionally invested in you and have been for your lifetime. But we understand talking to family and friends can be difficult for several reasons. As mentioned earlier by Dr Burrell, primarily it`s about losing face and not wanting to seem vulnerable.

Secondly there is the fact that family and sometimes friends can be the cause of the stress and anxiety, especially for those men involved in separations and divorces. Therefore talking to someone independent can be a crucial release. The Lets Chat program can help.

Join us for a Chat

The Lets Chat Buddy Program enables men who want to talk to connect with people for a chat that will be understanding, empathetic and non judgmental.

If you want to chat about how you are currently feeling and any stress, anxiety or concerns you have, please register via our website and we will give you access to one of our Male Hug Buddies.

By reaching out to one of our Male Hug Buddies you can talk to someone that won’t judge you or your situation. Your Male Hug Buddy may not have all the answers, but they will understand and will listen and use their experiences in life to help guide you to the right areas.

Our buddies are not mental health professionals but they are local guys just like you. A group of professionals embracing professionals. The buddies who join The Male Hug have had many life experiences from broken relationships, business situations, financial battles, health issues and other problems in life. All our buddies live here in Australia and have a good understanding of what it means to chat and share any problems of stress and anxiety.

So for a relaxed and friendly conversation please reach out to us.

I want to speak to a Buddy

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“A problem shared is a problem halved”